Welcome to Patrick Woessner's Presentations

patwoessner.jpgPatrick Woessner is a middle school educator with nearly 20 years of experience in public and independent schools. A Minnesota native (and U of MN graduate), he began his teaching career in New Zealand, migrated to Texas, and then moved to St. Louis in 1994 to teach at MICDS. After serving as the Science Department Chair for eight years, he assumed his current position as the Middle School Coordinator of Instructional Technology in 2002 after completing his MAT in Educational Technology at Webster University.

Patrick has presented at numerous conferences, including the National Science Teacher’s Association, Midwest Educational Technology Conference, ISACS, and Lausanne Laptop Institute, been featured in publications including ASCD Express and the MacArthur Foundation’s Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, is a former public relations chair for the K12 Online Conference, and currently serves as an online book reviewer for Stenhouse Publishing.

This space contains his most recent presentation/workshop resources; please use and reuse them to your benefit.